The Amazin’ Avenue Annual 2010 is an unofficial fan guide to the 2010 New York Mets. It features

* Player Profiles
* Historical Essays
* Prospect Reports
* Statistical Analysis
* Team Commentary
* Full NL East Preview

Amazin’ Avenue is an online Mets community where we insist on a fans-first, facts-first approach to coverage of the NY Mets. We always stress the importance of empirical evidence to support any and all claims, from “David Wright isn’t clutch” to “Alex Cora knows how to win” (A: “Yes, he is,” and “No more so than anyone else”).

Don’t let that scare you away, though. We’re not a bunch of heartless, basement-dwelling spreadsheet-jockeys. We write passionately about the team we love, and we do so with an even-handed approach that balances objective statistical analysis with thought-provoking subjective commentary. And MS Paint.

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